How do you sleep, Paul?

  Author’s brief note to the reader: “If anyone today starts discussing about John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the first song that naturally comes up in one’s mind and that defines their

Oh!Darling: Oh!Johnny?

  Oh!Darling is one of the most visceral, hopeless, high-pitched voice song Paul McCartney ever wrote, and it’s not a coincidence he was able to write such a masterpiece after a long

Hey Jude: Hey John?

Hey Jude is one of the most memorable classic songs McCartney ever wrote, and it’s simultaneously quite commercial and structurally daring, even barrier-breaking. The birth of Hey Jude, thematically and structurally, comes

John: just a Jealous Guy

Jealous Guy is a song John Lennon co-wrote with Paul in its original form as ‘Child Of Nature’ during their trip to India in 1968 and published it in his 1971 ‘Imagine’ album. Both John and

College days

Ann Mason, John Lennon’s friend at Liverpool College of Art, sketched this during lunch hour in 1958. From the left, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon, scoffing scallops and talking rock
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