How do you sleep, Paul?

  Author’s brief note to the reader: “If anyone today starts discussing about John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the first song that naturally comes up in one’s mind and that defines their relationship is the bitter-tongued ‘How Do You Sleep’, which gives examples of the harsh tones in which Lennon refers to his

Fanvideo by Aurora

This is a beautiful fanvideo about John and Paul made by Aurora. If you want to send us your fanvideo about Lennon and McCartney send us an email to!  

Oh!Darling: Oh!Johnny?

Oh!Darling is one of the most visceral, hopeless, high-pitched voice song Paul McCartney ever wrote, and it’s not a coincidence he was able to write such a masterpiece after a long journey of songwriting with The Beatles, and mostly with John Lennon, which was sadly coming to an end. The song is
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