Just Like Starting Over was John’s first single in five years, and the first of new original material in almost six years. News of Lennon’s return to the recording studio made headlines around the world. Music papers were buzzing with speculation.   The year 1980 was very important for John. He had

How do you sleep, Paul?

  Author’s brief note to the reader: “If anyone today starts discussing about John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the first song that naturally comes up in one’s mind and that defines their relationship is the bitter-tongued ‘How Do You Sleep’, which gives examples of the harsh tones in which Lennon refers to his

Fanvideo by Aurora

This is a beautiful fanvideo about John and Paul made by Aurora. If you want to send us your fanvideo about Lennon and McCartney send us an email to info@lennonmccartney.net!  

Oh!Darling: Oh!Johnny?

  Oh!Darling is one of the most visceral, hopeless, high-pitched voice song Paul McCartney ever wrote, and it’s not a coincidence he was able to write such a masterpiece after a long journey of songwriting with The Beatles, and mostly with John Lennon, which was sadly coming to an end. The song
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